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Buying a property can be a fraught process and the skilled team at Portabella has decades of experience in the marketplace. We are able to offer property buyers a range of services to assist in the buying process; whether that’s some initial general advice to get you started or a complete acquisition service, we can create a tailor-made package to suit your requirements.

We also offer advice on investment and off-plan purchases whether to individuals or consortia. Our network of high-level contacts ensures we can obtain the best possible deals.

Another facet of this service is land acquisition on behalf of other developers and private clients.

If you’re selling and would like advice on how you can optimise your selling and sale price potential, we can advise on the best improvements to make. If you wish, we can then undertake this work for you eliminating all the stress.

We are available for expert media commentary on all property related issues.

Contact Peter Reilly: 0845 644 8774

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